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Imagine having hundreds of people paying you directly...

Start today!

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Instead of joining someone else's program as a member, you can make much more money by running your own Instant-Pay MLM & Randomizer script!

Press Release: The first voice-enabled Instant Pay MLM software

In addition to providing you with the most powerful Instant Pay MLM software and essential tools to building a successful MLM business, MLMsoftware PRO has gone even further by combining our software with an unbelievable new VOIP technology.

This technology allows you to make FREE phone calls using a broadband Internet connection and actually talk live with prospective members, sponsors and distributors.

What is Instant Pay MLM Software?
Instant-Pay MLM programs are the most popular marketing plans ever conceived. The concept behind this plan is to incorporate powerful MLM compensation plans such as Australian 1-UP, 2-UP, Forced Matrix or Unilevel with an easy to use member-to-member instant pay commission payment.

We are the first and only company who met the technical challenge and released a state of the art Instant-Pay MLM software, which merges some of the most powerful MLM compensation plans with an Instant-Pay commission mechanism.

How the direct pay system works:
A member makes a purchase by DIRECTLY paying his referrers via StormPay,
E-gold or any other payment processor, thereby freeing the admin from handling commission payments and payouts.
This new member is then directed to you, the site owner, to pay for his account activation or to purchase additional credits.

Once a member becomes paid member, he/she gets paid directly, and immediately from his or her own recruits! No waiting for checks, no waiting for a minimum commission to be mailed out.

NEW! We added a unique viral-incentive feature to our software so members will gain much more by recruiting new members all the time. Our direct pay MLM software will put a member on the pay list whenever one of his downline get picked up by the randomizer engine.

Randomizer module:
You can easily turn this direct pay script into an extremely sophisticated Randomizer.

How the randomizer script works:
A member joins by paying a randomly selected member. This new member is then directed to you, the site owner, to pay for their account activation and to purchase additional credits.

Visitor clicks on the randomly displayed payment button at the bottom of your replicating page. That payment button could belong to any paid Member in your system! ID's are displayed 100% randomly.

  · Fix price/subscription support
  · Multiple levels
  · Multiple payment processors
  · Automatic email notifications
  · Many customization options
  · Setup your instant pay/randomizer program to fit your plan

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